NEED A NEW CPU for animation and render farm

I need a new cpu with server type motherboard for rendering high end animation movies.

Please recommend a configuration.

My current system has i7 quad core, 12 GB RAM, Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7, quadro 4000 GPU.

I will probably need over 50 GB of RAM for the new machine which will be used a render farm.

I will be using a software which relies more on CPU RAM rendering than GPU, that is why so much RAM is needed.

Also can anyone suggest how much more RAM ( AND THE TYPE) I can add to Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 to upgrade my current machine? Currently three ram slots are filled with 4GB RAM each. I have total of 6 slots.
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  1. We need a budget. A renderfarm is multiple pcs but you said "the machine" implying just 1 pc. So which is it?

    As for upgrading the ram on your existing pc. You can get up to 6x 8gb. I don't see any 6 stick kits so
  2. Thanks K114

    So basically for upgrading of a RAM I can use 6 x 8GB RAM sticks?

    It is for my home based animation use. I am working with VUE which is based on CPU rendering and I do not have space for more than 3 machines.

    I currently have a quad core i7 with quadro 4000 and I am going to upgrade the RAM.

    So max to max 2 more machines can be installed at my place.

    I have spent needlessly on the graphic card in the past, which doesn't help with VUE rendering. so a normal Nvidia geforce graphic card but with quad core processors and obviously mother boards which can support over 60 GB of RAM.

    I am in India and I do not find half of the things available in USA ( at least in my city). So I might have to go with GIGABYTE server motherboards which are available here.

    Budget is not a concern as prices differ from US prices, and I will have to go with whatever is available here.

    It is the configuration which matters.

    Hope you can help out with that.


  3. For that much ram you could go with x79. You can get a quad core like a 4820k or a 6 core 4930k.
  4. I just searched crucial site and scanned my computer with its spec scanner.

    It is telling me

    Maximum memory: 24576MB
    Slots: 6 (2 banks of 3)
    *Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.

    That means I cannot add more than 24 GB RAM?
  5. I have 3 x Zion 4GB DDR3 PC 1333 installed.

    Can I add corsair 3 x 4GB RAM to the remaining 3 slots or I have to install the same Zion DDR3 memory RAM only?
  6. I have another issue my 4GB RAM is getting hardware reserved. I have opened another thread for that here on these forums.
  7. The max shows as 24gb because 4gb sticks were the only max available when the mobo was released and they don't update the max listed. It has already been shown that the mobo can handle 8gb sticks. You can even google it.
  8. I contacted the Gigabyte guys.

    This is what they replied.

    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 motherboard has a maximum RAM support of 24GB RAM.
    Check Memory Support List :

    NOTE: RAM kit must be used. Using individual RAMs are not guaranteed to work together they may have different memory ICs even if their speed, latency and voltage may be the same.

    I will google what you said above.

    If I buy 6 sticks: then my 12 GB RAM sticks will be wasted. Can I still use this 12 GB and add 8 GB sticks in the remaining 3 slots. Will that work? or I have to use same 8 GB RAM sticks for all 6 slots?
  9. "It has already been shown that the mobo can handle 8gb sticks. You can even google it."

    I cannot seem to find it, can you show me some links?

    Can I add 48GB without over clocking?
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    GA support is only going to state official specs since that's what they tested and can be sure on. I'm not going to guarantee anything though but I did see this post.**Gigabyte-GA-X58A-UD7-OC-Tips-Bios-Discussion-Thread**/page100 You don't need to oc but tweaking voltage maybe necessary. Mixing ram is uncertain, sometimes it works, other times it doesn't, even with the same exact specs. Try at your own risk.
  11. Ok

    I was having a talk with Vue support and they told me extra RAM will just help with the scene and viewport management. Rendering will not be effected by extra RAM.

    More CPU's I have it will speed up rendering.

    So I better go with just 24gb ram and spend money on buying extra CPU.
  12. Thanks for all the help.
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