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I currently have a pc with only 1 HD (Hard drive). I want to sell my pc so my question is can i go get a new HD and just install the OS(operating system) on the new HD and make it bootable so when someone buys it, it is just like a brand new computer? I really want to keep my old HD cause i have alot of files i want to keep cause i want to put into my next build.
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  1. You can re-install Windows on the same pc on a different hdd.
  2. i7Baby said:
    You can re-install Windows on the same pc on a different hdd.

    when i put in the reinstall disk will it give me the option to choose the new HD to install windows and to boot from?
  3. You can.
    But... you will need to buy another copy of windows to use on your new build.
    Unless the motherboards are very similar, your old windows will likely not boot on your new build.
    That means a clean install of windows and your apps. Your files will be ok.
  4. Replace your old hdd with the new hdd. Make your dvd first boot priority. Put in the windows disk. Start up the pc.
  5. do i have to access my bios? and i put the new hdd in and the disk and it says no bootmgr
  6. Yes - when you've pushed the start button then push the F2 button on your keyboard. Read your motherboard manual.
  7. Well I cant access my bios and it's still saying no BOOTMGR even after I shut it down and plug up my old hard drive
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    Take your old hdd out of the pc. Only leave the new one in. As I said "Replace your old hdd with the new hdd."

    Then start up the pc and get into bios. Read your motherboard manual. It's usually by pressing F2 and keeping it pressed after you start up the pc.

    Read through that link I posted.
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