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I need professional advice on what to buy. I am planning to setup a new gaming pc with intel core i5 haswell as my foundation. What other stuff should I buy along with it like cooling system, GPU, RAM...everything excluding monitors. Budget is about 900$. I'm looking at corsair products but it's real expensive.

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  1. At the start of the forum is a thread about how to ask for advice .
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    first off dont be so single brand orientated. if you compare multiple brands you will manage to build a decent pc inside your budget.
    also for your budget you may be better off going amd unless your interested in K part intel chips and z series motherboards for overclocking.
    look on pcpartpicker
    start with the motherboard, remember it doesnt have to be built from just 1 brand. parts like memory and gfx cards are interchangeable and compatible.
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