My PSU is making strange noise(like a writing hard drive)

Hi guys. Forgive me if I am posting this new thread to the wrong section, but I am new to the forum.
My problem is that I recently bought a new PC and 3 weeks ago my PSU started to make a buzzling/crackling sound. The sound is completely similar to the sound when an old hard drive is writing information on it. I am not sure on 100% that it is the PSU, but when I try to hear the sound near my case, the sound is definitely coming from the bottom of the PC, where my PSU is situated. I tried to google the problem, but didn't find a 100% solution, or confirmation what might be. My rig(if it is needed) is:
CPU: Intel i5 4570(3.2GHz)
GPU: nVidia GTX 660(2GB)
PSU: Fortron 700W AURUM GOLD 80 plus, active PFC

The PC is only 2 months old and I also want to mention that I don't have any issues with performance or overheating, but this sound is worrying me, as if the PSU is defective it may damage my other components.

I will be glad if someone has experienced this before and has a solution/answer. :)

P.S. I forgot to mention that this sound isn't constantly there. I noticed that it is starting after gaming for a while, but sometimes even when I close the game, the sound is continuing for about 10-12 minutes and then it disappears. A friend of mine told me that it may be from the voltages and that the CPU is constantly entering in a "low/high" mode which is causing different voltages. Don't know if this friend of mine is right thou. Haven't heard of such thing before.
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  1. It's a bad fan\bearing time to replace it , or RMA it for a replacement.
  2. 1. As Blackbird said check the fan.... if PC is quiet when fan is not running but noisey when it is, that's a likely candidate. One way to check is to simply stop it with something like a plastic tie or pencil eraser

    2. A crackling sound can also come from arcing.... when the PC heats up and things expands, could be broken solder joint that now has a slight space tho is close enough that the electricity can arc the jump.
  3. Hi Blackbird.
    Thank you for your quick feedback.
    If you are sure that it is 100% a bad fan, how long do you think the PSU can last with it and is there a chance this can be only an annoying sound and won't cause any damage or problems to the rig?
  4. If it's a bearing I wouldn't keep running it , return it , it's only 2 moths old should still be in perfect working order.
  5. The fan is the most likely culprit. First thing you should do with any product within the warranty period is call the manufacturer. Once you go thru the diagnostic / troubleshooting procedure with them and arrange for an RMA, ask that they ship you the replacement before you have have to send back the old one. Will probably require that you give them a credit card number which they will credit when they receive the old one back.
  6. It's brand new RMA it , your build deserves one that is 100% working no issues.
  7. Thank you both for the suggestions. I will try at first to stop the fan with something when the sound appears again.
  8. Sounds good but I'd replace it soon.
  9. While it might give some personal satisfaction identifying the cause, in either case, it needs to be replaced.
  10. Hi again guys. After digging further(mostly on YouTube), I found people with the exact same problem. It turned out it is a coil whine. To be more specific, the sound that I hear is exactly the same like on the video below:

    I see there are comments that it is only the sound that is annoying and the PSU can last forever with this. It will be best if I RMA it, but the company that I bought the PC from are from the type "your PC is alright, you just don't know anything about PCs" and I want to avoid RMAing it if possible. :)
  11. The only way to fix coil whine is via PSU replacement.
  12. But can this damage the PSU or the PC, or it can't be 100% guaranteed?
  13. Best answer
    It will at the very least be damn annoying for the life of the PC and at worst may be indicative of other problems..... it was fine and now it isn't, that warrants replacement.
  14. Thank you JackNaylorPE. I will take your advice! :)
  15. I said that before.
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