Replaced CPU, now not getting to post, mobo displaying 5A on led

Hey guys, my old cpu(amd phenom iI x4) died so I got myself a FX 6300K to replace it. Once I replaced the cpu the machine still wont boot.The mobo is giving led message 5A, which I think is a problem with the cpu at least? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mobo: ASRock extreme3 970
GFX: R7 670 (brand new also as with the 6300)
CPU: FX 6300k
HDD: Seagate 500GB
RAM: 8GB Corsair DDR3
PSU: 750W antec
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  1. the 5A means an internal CPU error - what likely is the problem is that the bios cannot handle the new CPU. Put in the old CPU - flash the bios - install the new CPU.
  2. How would I do that due to my old cpu being dead? Sorry bit of a novice when it comes to this.
  3. take it to a shop to get it flash
  4. ok updating the bios now, ill post results
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