Suggestions on upgrading my Gateway E-4300's CPU, Ram, and maybe graphics card?

The PC is a Gateway E-4300 small form factor. The PC came with Windows XP Pro and worked with my HP 2009m Monitor but when i tried Windows 7 the graphics were stretched and I could not get the 1600 X 900 resolution I needed and the PC was also very sluggish I tried to fix the resolution but nothing would work I assume this is because the ancient integrated graphics do not have a Windows 7 driver. I would like to get the PC working with Windows 7 Home Edition.

CPU Specs:
-CPU: Pentium 4HT 3.20 GHz 64-bit
-CPU Socket: LGA775
-Chipset Type: Intel 915G Express
-FSB: 800 MHz

Ram Specs:
-Ram Installed: 1GB (2 X 512MB)
-Maximum Ram: 4096MB
-Slots: 4 (2 banks of 2)

Graphics Specs:
-Type: Integrated
-Graphics Processor: Intel GMA 900 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0
-Video Interfaces: VGA

This is similar to mine:

The computer studders when playing 720p HD videos. Would a new processor and graphics card help this? If so, could you recommend some i could install in this computer and please provide links? Help with Ram choice would also be helpful.

I was looking into this Core 2 Duo or something similar:

Thank you so much any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I'd actually recommend you buy a brand new PC if you aren't into gaming. Yes, you can upgrade some components, but the overall performance of the PC will still be held back by any components that you don't upgrade. This is called bottlenecking. With the money you spend upgrading, you can just buy a new PC.

    I'm in the UK so can't help much on prices and stores, but basic PCs cost around £300 here (about $500 USD). They may be cheaper in the US (if that's where you are) as components tend to be more expensive this side of the pond.
  2. I just wanted to find out if i could put in a used core 2 duo from amazon which is about 20 bucks after i max out the ram to 4gb. would it run better like that
  3. The Core 2 Duo uses the same socket as your current P4, however, that doesn't necessarily mean it will work. The motherboard may refuse it, even with a BIOS flash. Unless you know which motherboard you have and can find a list of supported processors, it's a guessing game.
  4. Really? The motherboard will refuse it even if it has the same socket and FSB?
  5. It's unlikely, but still possible. Usually a BIOS flash is all that's needed, but without knowing which motherboard you have, I can't be sure.

    If the PC was originally offered with a Core 2 Duo, that's more reassuring and a BIOS flash is all you may need.
  6. the original pc did not come with a core 2 duo. how do i bios flash
  7. You'll need to go to the manufacturer's website (if they still exist) and look at their support section. Find your PC and see what downloads may be available.
  8. i think gateway got bought by acer so idk
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