HP Pavilion a1410y won't boot after hard disk upgrade

I need to run a computer on Win 98 for a sound program.
I have an HP Pavilion a1410y. I like this machine; however It was running Win XP on a single HD which had 90% partitioned to C drive under NTFS and 10% as D drive under FAT32.

I was able (with my mac) to erase/reformat drive as FAT32 - as Win98 will not function under NTFS format.

I have an older HP Pavilion 6630 and placed the HD in this machine to install (from recovery discs) WIN98 on the drive. it functions in the older 6630.

HOWEVER, when I place it in the Pavilion a1410y I get this:

1. Blue screen (from which I can go to boot menu, Bios, recovery)
2. Then a DOS prompt - Invalid System disk, replace the disk and then press any key.

If I try to enter system recovery - it will not locate the disks in the CD drive. BIOS is able to identify the HD and CD drive.

now what!!!???
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  1. You could try starting in safe mode and see if 98 will start the hardware detection, but that's not going to be your problem. Your problem is going to be that unless you have a sound card: there are no audio drivers for 98. Period. Not from HP for that model. Not from Realtek.
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