watch dogs freezing on HD7770

i can't simply play watch dogs it runs on HIGH settings but freezes for 2-5 sec. during the gameplay and then runs smooth for 30-40 sec then again it freezes,same thing happens on LOW settings... what should i do. My GPU is good but still no solution i found....... plzzz help......
my PC specs are
core2duo 2.88ghz processor,
gigabyte G31M motherboard,
4gb 667mhz DDR2 ram,
AMD HD770 1gb DDR5 GPU,
win-7 64bit
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  1. That's about right. Those specs aren't good enough for high settings.Even on much beefier computers than yours, people are having issues runing this game. You would need at least a quad-core cpu and gtx 560 or anyother equivalent card to run this game at high settings. For now I would suggest lowering your settings to medium for better frames. Im not even sure how that would turn out with your specs.
    Your ram is less than recommended and its ddr2. You dont meet recommended specs to run this game at high.
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