Windows Setup sees hard drive, Bios does not.

I have a Toshiba laptop. A friend told me he had a virus so I formatted his machine and reinstalled windows using a flash drive I have with windows 7 on it. The problem came when it tried booting into the now installed windows. The laptop would go into PXE boot. I thought it was the hard drive so they bought a new hard drive for the machine. I plugged in the flash drive, created a partition, installed windows 7 and then when it came time to boot into windows, it did the same exact thing. When I hit f12 it just shows LAN, the dvd drive, and my flash drive. In the main screen in bios you see the connected hard drive but not in the boot section of BIOS. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. In most BIOS's you have add the device to the boot list, and then you have to put the list in the correct order. There should be an option somewhere to add this new drive to the boot order.
  2. I had the same problem two, I solved it by installing the usb 3.0 drivers from here
    and then installed de drivers on to the insallation usb and (DRUMROLL)...
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