CPU fan error after a year or so, 90 degrees Celsius

So I have a 3930k, Asus ROG mobo, and an H100i cooler. My computer has been running fine for almost a year and gets used maybe once a week. Today I went to turn my computer on and it said Cpu Fan Error. I checked the fans on my h100 and they seem to be working fine. My bios sad my cpu was 90 Celsius. I figured since the computer just turned on it must just be a sensor.

I turned the computer off unplugged it, waited 15 minutes, clear cmos, and turned it on again. This time with my case open. Same thing.

I researched online a bit and saw that you can disable the error and windows would load. So I did this so I could open my Corsair app and check my temps and what not. After about 2 minutes of my computer running windows. It shut off.

I felt the corsair pump and it was warm, the radiator was cool. I couldn't hear any out of the ordinary noises.

I figure it is the pump but how do I check something like that when my computer doesn't stay on.

Should I turn it back on and put my hand on the cooler pump to see if I feel anything?

Could it be a fan lead, or temp switch by why all of a sudden did it do this?

Please advise and Thanks in advance.
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  1. It sounds like your pump stopped running. It could be an electrical issue. It could be a seized bearing.
  2. Do you have the Corsair control software? It should give you a pump RPM reading.
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    your water cooler should still be under warranty I would contact Corsair for a replacement. If the fans are still working and the radiator is not getting hot then the pump probably not working.
  4. I don't know if I filled out the warranty though.
  5. and I had the corsair software up but then my computer shut off. Should I try again? The corsair light was on and blinking.
  6. The warranty should be based on your date of purchase (although some like Western Digital base it on the date it manufactured with some offset) it isn't something you need to necessarily fill out. Based on what I saw online the warranty should be for 5 years.
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