Watch dogs keeps me at 50 fps..

I have pretty much nice rig i play bf4 ultra with 57-90 fps msaa 4x but wd wtfff i get 39-43 fps while driving why? In the city(chicago) i get 50 fps while just standing without doing nothing why? The game doesn't have some unseen graphics it looks like gta 4 with some mods but i can't get steady 60 fps on high even if i lower the render distance it buff it to 55 so it isn't from the cpu my rig i5 3350p gtx 770 msi twin frozr oc edition 8 ram 1600mhz why i can't play the game with decent fps on decent graphics also im on 1440x900 monitor but even if i lower it to 800x600 it have pretty much the same fps.
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  1. Hi,

    Watch dogs has some issues, look at the forum, you will see tons of FPS issues, they should be getting hot fixes out to resolved them.
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