AMD 8120 after overclocked to 3.7GHz shuts down only while playing games !

Hi guys it will be very pleasant if you can help me, yesterday I bought thermaltake contac 30 cpu cooler and started to overclock my cpu when I tried to tweak the voltage to 1.39v and multiplier on 3.7 ghz windows booted normaly and prime95 worked fine for 2 hours ! but whenever I try to play anygame like bf3 after 3~5minutes the pc shuts down and wont open until I unplug the powersupply power cable and put it back ! what may be the problem with my overclocking ? maybe my psu is too bad ? if its too bad how could it handle prime95 for 2 hours without any bsod or any issues why only during games ? my psu is 680w but its mark is unknown XD hope you help me thnx !
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  1. Unstable overclock or poor components.
  2. its stable on prime95 but why not in games ? and yea the psu was very cheap lol, but maybe the motherboard its am3 78lmt-s2p or its okay for overclocking ? Thnx
  3. That motherboard shouldn't be used for overclocking it has a poor thermal and power design that's why it's unstable.
  4. but I think at least it can handle a 4.0 ghz oc ? :S I just bought it damn.. maybe if I changed to a high quality psu It may handle it psu price was 10$ LOL :D :/ Please be more specific :D
  5. With a poor board and a poor PSU you are putting your whole build at risk.
  6. sir, still my question if I buy good psu will this motherboard handle to 4.0ghz only I don't need more ? if not tell me if it can even get to 3.8 tell me too maybe I can give it back to the shop I just bought it... im noob at motherboards I thought it doesn't matter what kind of motherboards runs the rig
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    I recommend no overclocking on that board at all regardless of cooler or A new PSU.
  8. I had the same problem and looked at all aspects of the systems behavior. It simply came down to temp. I have a CPU cooler with two fans on the radiator and it wasn't enough. The case had two 120mm fans and the power supply has another, that made 5 fans total. Cables and case layout was optimal, but the CPU temp would go up and my FPS would go down...

    I finally added two more 120mm fans AND two external 120 mm fans for the desk cubby it sits that has done the trick.

    Inject more air into the case and pull more cool air by the case and it screams.

    I don't have an opinion on the overclock vs. your components, but I run some serious games at ULTRA high res and never needed to overclock.

    Good luck
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