AMD 8120 after overclocked to 3.7GHz shuts down only while playing games !

Hi guys it will be very pleasant if you can help me, yesterday I bought thermaltake contac 30 cpu cooler and started to overclock my cpu when I tried to tweak the voltage to 1.39v and multiplier on 3.7 ghz windows booted normaly and prime95 worked fine for 2 hours ! but whenever I try to play anygame like bf3 after 3~5minutes the pc shuts down and wont open until I unplug the powersupply power cable and put it back ! what may be the problem with my overclocking ? maybe my psu is too bad ? if its too bad how could it handle prime95 for 2 hours without any bsod or any issues why only during games ? my psu is 680w but its mark is unknown XD hope you help me thnx !
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  1. it could be a power issue, the fact that you have to remove the power plug to get it back on is a good indicator that the psu's protective circuitry has activated from to much current draw. Prime95 only stresses the cpu, games stress the cpu and gpu at the same time and causes a lot more power draw. Unknown brand or cheap brand power supplies are rarely able to produce their rated power output at a continuous load. There should be a label on the psu showing tha amps it can produce on the 3.3, 5v and 12v rails, the 12v is the most important as thats where your GPU and CPU get most of their power from. Please tell us the full specs of your pc with a list of all components and we can recommend you a solid, good quality psu.
  2. Are you using software (like RealTemp) to monitor the CPU's temp? It may be overheating. I would back down on the overclock little by little until the system is stable.
  3. Doubt seriously its your PSU but a problem with your overclock. I assume youre overclocking in the BIOS and NOT thru software like AMD Overdrive. If youre using software, stop cause thats the problem.

    More voltage would be the first step you should do although 1.39V is kinda high for just 3.9 GHz but still, crank it up to 1.40V and use OCCT instead of Prime95 and see if you can get thru a couple hours of that.

    Did you mess with the CPU/NB or HT Link speeds? If so, return them to default. Those symptoms kinda sound like what would happen if youve got one of those cranked up too high. Tick up the CPU/NB voltage a little as well to 1.25 and make sure its set manually and not set to AUTO.
  4. Specs?
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