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I am having Biostar TA990FXE motherboard I am going to buy Nvidia gtx 760 graphic card for this motherboard please suggest me is it supported to nvidia gtx 760 currently i am using AMD FX 8350 CPU WITH 4 GB DDR3 RAM AND CORSAIR HX 850 PSU .One more thing i would like to know someone told me GTX 760 Having overheating issue is that true ?
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  1. Yes, your motherboard will support GTX 760 and even has support for SLI & Crossfire.

    There's no such issue of overheating with GTX 760, though avoid reference designs, they tend to get loud and hot at load
  2. Hi

    You can use ANY GPU with that AMD FX 8350+ Biostar TA990FXE combo. Your PSU is also a decent one. Try to avoid those reference model GTX 760s, as they come with poor coolers and you may face with HIGH temp issues. Try to go with ASUS or MSI. ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5 is a superb card with a great cooler.
  3. thanks 4 ur valuable suggestion..Its mean zotac making poor graphic cards if they have over heating issues
  4. Zotac don't make poor quality cards, just avoid reference boards, they tend to get hot.

    Asus DirectCU ll is the one which runs coolest and quitest among other brands

    This is the refernce GTX 760

    Zotac's AMP edition of GTX 760 is pretty good, they usually have reasonable price.
  5. what about this biostar motherboard which i have ( Biostar TA990fxe ).Actually I have ordered zotac gtx 760 card ..Now i am afraid to heard about its heating issues.
  6. No, I am not saying that. I just tell you not to buy the reference design gtx760 cards. You can go with any card with custom cooler made by Zotac, ASUS,MSI,EVGA,GIGABYTE and so on...I just refer ASUS because it is MY preference:)
  7. Can you provide the link for which model of GTX 760 you've ordered

    As long as it is not the refernce design, you'll be fine

    And if you have ordered reference GTX 760 like this one→ , then increasing airflow inside cabinet by installing more case fans will help
  8. ZOTAC Nvidia Geforce Gtx 760 2 Gb Gddr5 Graphics Card
  9. It is the reference board, all the refernce designs tend to get hot during load, installing more case fans will help to keep optimum temperature.
  10. i am using 140mm front chassis fan and 120mmrear chassis fan with amd cpu cooler . Is it fyn ?
  11. Nice, could be more helpful if you install side panel fan to blow air to Graphics card.
    Use the front panel fan as intake, rear fan as exhaust and with a reference graphics card (which blows the air outside the cabinet), use the side panel fan as intake to bring fresh air to graphics card.
  12. i had one 2 system fan socket in my motherboard and already both syst fan socket used how i connect other fan in my chassis without getting any extra socket in motherboard for system fan.
  13. You'll find this 4pin molex cable in your Power supply

    You have to connect the 4pin Molex connector of fan ( with your power supply's 4pin Molex cable.

    For the time being, don't get any case fan, if you notice that you'r getting crazy high GPU temparature , then buy a case fan
  14. thanks maktovic for ur replies of my queries last thing pls suggest me. Could i returned this card to seller and take r9 270x vapor x instead of GTX 760 due to heating issues or keep this card and use and see the performance ..
  15. Dear Amit ji
    I am also from INDIA. As far as your card is concerned, you can send it back to Snapdeal within 30 days and order a new one within your BUDGET. GTX760 is better than R9 270X but not by much, around 5% to 10%. But there is a price gap of Rs.3000 between two (if you look at the cards with custom coolers). You can check the Tom's GPU benchmarks. You can look at the ASUS R9 270X which costs Rs. 16,300 in Snapdeal
    As far as GTX760 is concerned the MSI GTX760 Gaming is a good one @ Rs.19,500

    Buy the card that fulfills your needs under your budget:) But if you only do GAMING then r9 270x is the way to go. In INDIA GTX 760 is ridiculously priced.
  16. amitsharma227 said:
    thanks maktovic for ur replies of my queries last thing pls suggest me. Could i returned this card to seller and take r9 270x vapor x instead of GTX 760 due to heating issues or keep this card and use and see the performance ..

    GTX 760 outperforms R9 270x and there is noticeable difference between the two.

    With reference GTX 760 expect the heat and noise to be high, heating issues can be controlled by proper airflow but you've to bear with noise, if you think you can live with that then YES , definitely stick with GTX 760. With case fans installed and Stock CPU cooler, they will be the loudest in your case and graphics card blower noise won't be a issue.

    There's more than just performance, with GTX 760 you'll get Nvidia exclusives: PhysX, Adaptive VSync, HBAO+, FXAA, TXAA, Geforce Experience, Shadow play, etc. First you decide if you need them or not.

    If no then Sapphire R9 270x Vapor-x is the way to go.
  17. Kanixhya and Maktovic thanks both of you for ur advise .Actually i was not aware about noise and heating issue before purchasing this card . I am also planning to buy liquid cooler for my amd fx 8350 processor thats why my budget was not much .I took suggestion to my friends they told me GTX760 is best card for gaming ,but forgot to asked about which company card is best and which version .After communicating with other seller who suggested me Radeon R9 270x vapor x informed me that you ordered poor card as it having heating issues and u will face problem.Thats why i came to know about experts who having deeply knowledge about Graphic card on tomhardware.
  18. Best answer
    With refernce boards heat and noise problems always exist.

    Better option would be non-reference GTX 760 but as you say you've limited budget then you should stick with Sapphire R9 270x Vapor-X to avoid overheating issues with reference GTX 760
  19. finally i returned gtx760 to seller and going to make plan to buy other card
  20. Nice work:)
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