Screen Artifacts after 1hr of gaming

Just recently got a Sapphire HD 6670 and i seem to be getting screen artifacts after an hour of gaming, i have overclocked it to 900 mhz core clock and 1700 mhz mem clock, definitley know its not overheating as load temps never go past 55c.
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    Either lower the clocks or turn up the voltage; Artifacts are usually the result of an unstable overclock.
  2. Thanks for your answer, im gonna try to up the voltage and see the results
  3. No problem, let me know if it helps :)
  4. Post your build. Maybe your case is small and card too hot for it. Or the power supply is going screwy.

    Blow out the case - especially coolers and filters.

    Raise the fan speeds.

    Summer in the US?
  5. Here are the specs
    Core i5-650
    Asrock H55M-LE
    And a powerlogic psu
    My case is ATX and just cleaned it 3 weeks ago and temps are: CPU 63c under load and GPU 55c underload.
  6. Yeah, it really was undervolted, after some googling other people were having the same problem and increasing the voltage seemed to have fixed it, thanks guys for the feedbacks.
  7. Good to know it worked :)
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