Need a water pump recommendation

I have a Xigmatec Assassin case, i want to water cool the system.

CPU: i5 Ivy 3570K Clocked at 4.2 Ghz
GPU: Radeon 7990 6GB Stock clocks
Ram: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1866
Motherboard: Asus Z77-V ATX
GPU: Corsair AX850
Case: Xigmatec Assassin

i am looking into water cooling it. Will the setup im looking in work with the correct pump?

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  1. Not very well.
    1. There is no need for the splitter, not sure why it is there, I guess you are going for a parallel loop but no need for it here.
    2. I don't think I have ever seen a pump with the inlet on the bottom and the outlet on the top. As you are relying on gravity to prime the pump it just isn't the best setup, though if you can find one I guess it could work. You would be much better off though getting some sort of microres for on top of the pump and getting rid of that external res all together. So it would go Pump > GPU > CPU > Rad > Rad > Res > Pump.
    3. Are you sure that case can fit the 360 on top? It doesn't look like it. Unless you are open to modding then disregard this point.
    4. Not strictly needed but a drain of some sort on the bottom will make your life a lot easier.
  2. Inlet and outlet are just drawn on, no fixed location for outlets yet. I already have a modding idea to fit the 360 rad up top, just wanna make sure everything will work correctly before i start to hack at plastic.
  3. That would work then yes. I do think though that you will be much better off not splitting the line though.
  4. Would i be able to go pump > cpu > 120x1 rad> gpu> 360 rad > res? I wanna avoid sending water in its plasma state to the cpu from that 7990 lol
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    You can, but it isn't needed. To give you some idea, my system, the water coming out of the pump, 4770k Oced, and two 780ti OCed is at 25.4 celcius at this moment. That is AFTER all the heating. The water coming out of the rads after cooling is 25.3 celcius at this moment. Ive seen at most a 1.5 degree spread, depending on flow rate.
    I know it is somewhat intuitive to not want "hot" water going from one block to the next, but it won't be hot. The water at every point in the loop will be almost exactly the same temp, thats just how it works.
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