Should I switch to Intel??

I'm thinking about switching to Intel, It appears to me that Intel always seems to out perform the AMD CPU's however AMD is more "Bang for your Buck" , I really don't know, I need help deciding :) and why are there more motherboards for Intel? Thx!!!
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  1. It would not be a great upgrade although Intel is better. Maybe in a generation or two from Intel it will be a great upgrade.
  2. FX 8xxx is more bang for the buck, not the fx 9xxx
  3. Thx guys!! So it wouldn't really do much if I upgraded from my current build? (Signature thingy) Thx!!
  4. AMD has lately latched onto being the 'bargain brand' that offers comfortable performance for affordable pricing, but that doesn't stop people from building powerful rigs with them. If you like the performance of your AMD, then stay with it. The one you have in your sig is a really stout machine.

    Why are there more Intel-based boards? part of that answer is market share, Intel has about 70% of the market. Another part is Intel also makes motherboards as well, and do so for every advancement they make, every die shrink and every new architecture they produce, and every new feature that comes out.
  5. No, not really. Since you'd have to replace the motherboard and the CPU together, you're talking about spending at least $300-400 USD for an Intel switch... and while the benchmarking is going to favor the Intel, I doubt you'll see a whole lot of improvement.
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    I agree with the above comments. Bulldozer was bad, but the current Vishera CPUs are much better, especially in gaming.

    When compared with Intel, you would have a fairly high cost of switching platforms for minimal performance gain. And on the flip-side, considering an Intel CPU pays for itself in about 3 years of use it really does not matter which you have right now. Just stick with it.

    I would wait til next year to check out the next gen of CPUs and platform changes. Both Intel and AMD have some updates and innovations in the works that may make an upgrade more advisable later on.

    But it is going to take a pretty significant improvement to beat your current rig. :)
  7. THx Guys!! (sorry for the late reply)
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