[Upgrading GPU].:Can my PC support GTX 770 4gb?:.

All I can tell about my current PC

1. Mobo -->
2. RAM --> 2 x 4GB DDR3
3. PSU --> 500w

I decided to buy GTX 770 4GB link --> []

The question is will my PC support this one? Or it'll bottlenecking..? Explain..Thank For Helping.
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  1. Ya it'll support. There wont be any problem.
    Try to get a 650W psu. 500W has chances of creating a problem.
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    no, 500watts power supply would not work, it's showen on the NVIDIA WEBSITE : minimum 600watts PSU, the GPU alone uses 250watts ( the half of your PSU ) so i guess it will not work, get a 600watts PSU or 650/700 for safety
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