need a card to send digital output from pc to avr. HDMI?,Video?,Sound card?

I have all my cd's on a pc. My AVR is a Denon with good digital to analog converters. I would like to send a digital signal to my AVR and have it convert the signal to analog. What is the best solution? The sound cards I see don't have a HDMI connectors which I believe carries the signal digitally. The video cards don't comment on the db ratio. Help!
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  1. Normally you would stream audio files over the network.... However if you wish to do a direct connection you would connect via the digital optical out present on pretty much every modern motherboard ever made. Or use HDMI. Its a digital signal either way so I'm not sure I get your question about the signal to noise ratio at all? Its DIGITAL.

    Sound cards make about no audible difference at all and there's really no point in one if you are sending a digital signal to an AVR and letting it decode it. However if using one you would of course use its digital optical out as well.
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