XFX r9 280x - 2D artifacts and poor performance.

I purchased an XFX R9 280x last Friday. After installing it I noted that I've got vertical flashing and wobbling plus occasional tears when I'm using the screen for 2D. There is some vertical wobbling in game too. It's doing it right now in my browser as I type.

I just wanted a quick card out of the box and have not fiddled around with the clock speeds or anything. I'm also not tech savvy and don't really know how to tinker about much. I just want to know if there's anything I should try before I RMA the card? It's 2 days old so I think the smartest move would be to RMA it and just get a replacement sent out.

Also, can the artifact issue have an impact on the speed the card runs games? I'm pretty disappointed with the performance of the card in game and it's only very slightly better than my old 6970 in most games I've tested, with massive fps drops at 1080p. Some even seem to be worse. For instance I'm getting 23-24 fps in Crysis 2 at lowest settings when my 6970 could play it at 30-40 on ultra. 30-40 fps in AC4, very very jagged when the 6970 ran it at a smoother but lower 30fps, 20-30 in Arma 3, 40-50 in FC3 both on high settings, . Am I just dealing with a dud card or did I just vastly overestimate what the 280x was capable of?

I'm running it on a i5 3570k (not clocked up from 3.4) and 8gb of 1333mhz ram. Was running 14.6 beta driver, rolled back to 14.4 to see if it fixed the problem, now back on the beta since the roll back did nothing.

Thanks for the help.
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    If you can re-install the 6970 and all is back to normal, then it would be a defective card, imo. An issue with artifacting like you mentioned would certainly effect performance as the card is unable to run stable. I would swap out to the old card to be sure. As always be sure to reinstall the drivers and use a program like CCleaner to make sure the old driver is fully cleared out.
  2. Yes if the old card is OK, then rma the new card.
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