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What are the best /good brands of thermal pads out there currently? i think ill need 0.5mm
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  2. thanks!
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  3. I have just ordered some Fujipoly Extreme (11.0 W/mK) thermal pads for my 2x AMD 290x's to replace the stock pads.
    Every forum and review I have read has listed them highly.
    Given the specs, they should perform very well.
    And besides, the stock paste and pads were put on very shoddily, so much excess and the mosfet pads were squashed to less than half their thickness (greatly reducing their effectiveness so I am told) even the GPU contact section on the cooler is scratched and requires polishing.
    Just unfortunate that the Ultra (17.0 W/mK) pads are about 4 times the price, I would have bought those instead.
    Frozen CPU are good to ask for assistance if you have a problem with cooling, as they will try to work with you to find a solution to your problem (they were a great help to me when trying to correctly replace pads and paste on my AMD 290x's).
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