Trying to remember the name of 90's educational game.

Ok, I only remember a few details about this game, but I'm hoping they will be enough for someone to give me an answer.
From what I recall, this was a 90's (or maybe early 2000's) PC game for kids that was educational. It was one of those games you could rent from the library. I remember that one of the main characters was a female (I want to say she was african american, but I am not 100% sure on that) while the other was this triangle alien dude. From what I can remember, the point of the game was to help this triangle dude get back home with a space ship or something. Throughout the game, there were larger black triangle dudes trying to stop you.
I cannot remember anymore details and would greatly appreciate it if someone could jog my memory.
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    this site has alot of old games for pc and i even found alot of my old games there
  2. You are thinking of Geometry Blaster.
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