when i steal a new car in watch dogs i got a message new car unlocked then watch dogs freeze

it freeze I try to press all of the keyboard but with no help
I need to again load my last save why?

I have 16 giga ram
cpu i5 3570k

amd radeon hd 6700
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    Watch Dogs is horribly unoptimized especially on AMD GPUs so it's quite possible that the game is just being broken for you. I'm running a HD 7990 and i still get a lot of issues and usually don't play it past 15 minutes or i get strange ghosting that continuously flash on my screen.

    Make sure all your drivers and your game is up to date with the latest. You can also try setting your graphics lower to see if that helps.
  2. Moral of this story can be broken into 2 parts... 1 Don't steal cars and 2 don't trust Ubisoft...
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