SDXC for long term frequently accessed storage.

Hello Everyone, i got no answer to this in Laptops & Mobility so I am trying here.

I have a laptop that I have heavily modified already, and feel I could use more space, but I don't want to remove my optical drive for an extra HDD, at least not yet.

I have an SDXC card reader built in that I have not used in the last 9 months of having this laptop. I am considering to get an UHS-1 64GB SDXC to use as pretty much a small 2nd hard drive. I looked at 128GB ones but they are just way too expensive.

What I am wondering is will it be fast enough with 10+Mbps transfer speeds, and will it last well in my laptop which I put to sleep and wake up sometimes frequently.

I plan to use it probably as storage for my music and a few movies to take a little pressure off my 1TB HDD. I have all the files backed up on my desktop, so file loss is not a big concern, but if it is unreliable then it kind of defeats the purpose.

Thanks for the input.
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  1. Dual-layer DVD media would be safer and more durable if your lappy has a Dual Layer DVD burner.
  2. That is true I could switch out disks, but I think unfortunately it only supports standard DVDs.

    Thanks for the idea. Is SD not particularly safe for this kind of usage? I am asking cause I haven't really known anyone to do this.
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    Problem with memory cards, indeed any kind of flash memory storage, is that the memory chips can become corrupted and it's goodbye to your data. Unlike a hard drive you don't get any warning of impending failure on flash memory, one minute it's working and the next minute it can fail. That's why digicam users have to transfer their pics to a hard drive as soon as they can, or at least pay extra for the most reliable brands and avoid the cheap ones.

    I always make sure I've got a fully-charged laptop with me when I am away from home with my camera.
  4. Got it so if I have one, sudden shutdowns can cause issues and they are a bit tempromental.

    Thanks for your help so far, but I am still a little on the wall, just say in this situation what you think.

    G.Skill 64GB SDXC
    All data is backed up on a second computer.
    Computer frequently in and out of sleep mode.

    Do you think it would be stable enough to go a few weeks at a time with video files loaded up without fail? It wouldn't be taken out of the laptop ever.
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