adding 16gb of ram to existing 4gb ram on asus g55vw

i want to add the corsair vengeance 8gbx2 to my extra ram slots but i already have the stock 4gb ram. is it wise to do so? if not explain pls.
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  1. As long as they specs match the RAM already in there it shouldn't be too much of a problem. That's not to say you can't put in mismatched RAM and not have it work. It just might run at less-than-efficient pace.

    And even if the specs match, there's always a chance the motherboard won't like it and refuse to boot.

    In summary, it's a crapshoot, but I think it'll be ok if you mix.

    And worse comes to worse, you can just remove the 4GB already in there and have 16GB of RAM (which is more than enough).
  2. so my total ram will be 20gb? and how do i check the spec on the existing ram?
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    4GB existing + 16GB add-on = 20GB total.

    Download that program and check under the "Memory" tab.
  4. ok thx really helpful
  5. one last thing if my existing memory is PC3-12800 4gb and the extra memory i'm going to buy is also PC3-12800 2x8gb will it work? or should i remove the existing one?
  6. Same response as before.
  7. so i should keep it?
  8. I'd remove the 4GB since 16GB is more than enough.
  9. ok thx :)
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