Motherboard error or CPU error?

So I turned off my computer one night, no issues. Then when I went to turn it on the next morning, it did absolutely nothing. When I opened it up, I saw that the motherboard lights were still on, but the display had no error codes at all, just nothing. No matter how many times I hit the start button on the motherboard, nothing would happen.
Then I unplugged and replugged it from the wall and hit start again. The fans started spinning, like the comp was attempting to start, and then immediately stopped. After several cycles, I determined that when unplugged and replugged, the computer would always begin to start for milliseconds and then stop, and wouldn't even attempt to start again unless I unplugged and replugged it.
I tried taking it completely out and only having the CPU, CPU fan, and PSU attached to the mother board and still, the same thing. I replaced the PSU, same thing. I took out the motherboard battery for five minutes, no change.
I am having trouble discerning whether this is a CPU error or a Motherboard error, any suggestions?
My build is this:
Motherboard: ASUS Maximus Hero VI
CPU: Intel i7 4770k
PSU: Was Corsair TX750, now is Corsair RM750
Graphics: Geforce 760
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3
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    your power supply is detecting a short circuit that's why you have to unplug it from the wall to reset it (safety feature of all computer supply's that are ATX standard)

    try to turn computer on with out graphics card. does it turn on then the GPU might have burnt up. could also be a PSU failure you could run a PSU test.
  2. I see. I did try without the graphics card, that was the first thing I took out and it didn't make a difference. Also, I have already replaced the PSU so that isn't the problem either.
  3. RM Corsair supplies use poor capacitors , they aren't good power supplies.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Turns out, maxwellmelon was correct: there was a short circuit that my PSU was detecting and saving my computer by shutting down immediately.
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