Maybe Dying Psu

So to give you a backround story,

I have thisCheap motherboard currently: http://

I had this Cheap? Cpu: http://

I have this Graphics Card: http://

I have, but will replace this PSU: http://

I have in the mail this PSU: http://

CPU i installed recently thats been giving me trouble: http://

So it all started for awhile now, before i got my new CPU, i was getting maybe a blue screen once a week, i didin't think much of it, since it was so infrequent. Now that i upgraded my cpu, it started within 20 minutes of installing it. And its not a thermal issue.

So i'v currently found that "UnderClocking" My CPU has reduced the blue screens, but now, they're back, which is leading my to believe that whatever is failing, is failing gradually but steadily. Which is why i think it's the PSU?

Also, i'm usually getting fairly random blue screens, so i'm thinking when it's blue screening, that it's a power issue, because somethings not getting enough power. If that makes sense.

Any input? The ram is new btw.
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  1. With a Raidmax I would definitely be leaning towards that lol Good replacement power supply :)

    What motherboard do you have? Your motherboard link goes to the power supply. You may need to upgrade the BIOS since you changed to an 8-core FX series, and it may not have enough power delivery.
  2. It's been updated, sorry.
  3. No motherboard link still lol
  4. Download/install the latest BIOS:

    You need at least v1.90 to run the 8150.
  5. Yeah i realized that i was linking an old mobo after i posted it, so i took it down in order to cause less confusion, in the process i caused more. But the 770icafe is the right one. As far as bios updates, i think i updated it awhile ago, i'm not sure if reformat's require you to reupdate you bios or not, if not it should still be up to date.
  6. Well load up the BIOS just to make sure. It could be a simple BIOS update needed. But that's still not great power delivery for an 8-core CPU.

    When does the new power supply get there?
  7. On friday. I bought it used, but it should still have alot of life in it. I also bought the CPU used, but i'm pretty sure i can rule out that it's a bad cpu
  8. It could be socketed bad. Try reseating the RAM as well. Have you monitored all your temperatures?
  9. I have hyper 212 evo, and i blew out my entire computer before installing it, but yeah it idles at 40c and at maybe mid load "Which is all i ever get this thing to go above" is 48-50c, i'll try reseating the ram too.
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