Watch Dogs constant freezing, HELP!!!

i am facing serious freezing in this game,my specs-
Pentium G630 2.7 ghz
4gb ddr3
radeon hd 7770 1gb slight OC
and the setting are- AA-off, Shader- medium, Max gpuframe buffer-1, v-sync-off,
depth of field-off, and the rest of the specs are set to med-high,

now, i know that, i barely meet the minimum requirements, but the thing is that, other than the game freezing for 1-3 secs, the game runs at a constant 30-33 fps, and the freeze occurs mainly during the daylight , after an interval of 4-5 mins, so other than the freezing i know that my pc is capable of running this game at a playable framerate.
so, please can someone help me out with this problem, or any fixes?? thanks!
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  1. cpu temp?

    download and run HWInfo - Sensors

    gpu temp?

    psu voltages?
    psu make and model?
  2. What setting r u playing
  3. Hell!! I rem watch dogs wants 62 bit system to run u want win 8 or 7 also least 6 GB ram
  4. What OS? 32 or 64 bit?

    Dante could be right. 4Gb isn't helping you run anything.
  5. 64 bit well u can see it on
  6. dantethedemonkiller said:
    What setting r u playing

    i have mentioned above, all the demanding settings are set to 'low' or 'off', i have only kept only those in med-high which have minimal impact on the pefomance, and my OS is win 7 ultimate 64-bit.
    and many people with 4gb ram are running this game normally even in low settings....
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    vik61 said:

    Pentium G630 2.7 ghz

    Problem 1, thats only a dual core isnt it ? the game has a minimum spec of a quad.

    vik61 said:

    4gb ddr3

    Problem 2, the game requires 6gb system ram minimum regardless of the res you run it at, and to make matters worse your gfx card is only has 1gb of vram. Most ppl trying to run the game on only 4gb ram are reporting all manor of issues. Anyone who does get it playable on 4gb ram must have much more vram than you to help balancing things out.

    vik61 said:

    now, i know that, i barely meet the minimum requirements,

    No, you dont meet the minimum spec. Actually your quite a way below it.

    vik61 said:

    so, please can someone help me out with this problem, or any fixes?? thanks!

    Sure. Upgrade and read the game specs next time before you buy :)
  8. OK man 4core processor is least
    Ram 6gb least
    3rd with it at least a radeon 5770 1gb
    To run at lowest setting with a win vista 64bit least
    This is very low setting reqm.
    U have nothing of it accept GPU or GPU is lone taking all load that's why it's lagging
  9. It's world's most highest requirements demanding game I have i5 5670
    R9 270x 10gb ram still its only 45fps average at ultra 1080p and card is toxic boost one
  10. OK, so i have a spare 32gb pendrive, if i use that pendrive as ram by readyboost, will it stop atleast the freezing part????
  11. That will not work cause or CPU is deul core amd witch dogs need 4 cores least and 8 cores for ultra so update CPU list but I think u can increase ram if it's a class 6pen drive have 6gb ram expanded and if its class 4 do an 8 GB swap will be able to run it
  12. Get a pc that will meet minimum specs -
    Minimum System Requirements
    Operating System Windows Vista (SP2)
    Windows 7 (SP1)
    Windows 8 and 8.1

    Note that Watch Dogs only supports 64 bit OSs.
    Processor (CPU)
    2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400
    3.0 GHz AMD Phenom II X4 940
    System Memory
    6GB RAM
    Video Card* (GPU)
    nVidia GeForce GTX460
    AMD Radeon HD5850
    Hard Drive Space
    25 GB
    Sound Card
    DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
    DirectX Version
    DirectX 11
    Broadband connection required for multiplayer mode
  13. Just get a quad core CPU and 2gb more ram
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