Dying to dead computer component, not sure what.

I've an old computer that I'm trying to revive. AGP8x, Socket A A7N8XE-Deluxe, AMD 2500+.
A few years back it started generating artifacts(on an AMD 9600xt) and I set it aside. Recently I would try to boot it up and it would reach post 50% of the time. When it did it would artifact. I bought a new geforce 6200 and a new PSU. I got it to post once with the 9600xt and the new PSU. I ran a confirmed working DVI cable to a currently working monitor. Reseated the single ram(pc3200 400/512) in all 3 slots. My guess is a dying motherboard..
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    Generating artifacts?...
    what is the RAM size?
    If the mouse and keyboard leds light up, the motherboard is working to some degree and it should at least complete the post. I would check the thermal grease... my guess is it may be overheating... those CPUs ran real hot, and any CPU can overheat in seconds. It would also be a good idea to clear the BIOS by removing the CR-2032 battery, waiting 10 minutes and installing a new battey.
  2. Well ,if it wasn't the PSU killing the graphics card causing the artifacts, it certainly was the lack of ANY thermal paste at all. I'm typing via the newly-fixed computer. Thanks a bunch.
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