I could oc well on old pc but after installing same gpu on new pc i'm getting BSOD

so i changed my bios few times to
i just tired with changing bios to

1)1.225V 1250mhz +20% power worked fine
2) 1.250v 1250mhz +20% power worked fine
3) 1.180v 1250mhz +20% power driver crashed and after close dota2 i got plenty of artefacts and needed to restart my pc
4) roll back to default with better max clocks 1.210v i'm testing it right now

EDIT: 1.2120v is working using 1150mhz so far /w +20%power limit

but after pulling out my gpu from old pc to new one i can't oc anymore i'm getting BSOD all the time, i could reach 1050mhz easily but now i can't, 1150mhz was stable on old pc :<<br />

OLD PC: asrock n68, athlon x4 645 @3.3, 2x 2gb ddr2 800mhz (i guess biggrin.gif), ocz stealthxstream 500w
NEW PC:: asrock p67 pro3, i5 2500k @4.0, 2x 4gb ddr3 kingston 1600mhz, ocz ocz 550w zs
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  2. The first thing I would think to check would be the PSU. If you can, swap in the old one (or one from a different manufacturer altogether).
  3. so i used my old psu to supply my new pc but i also get BSOD after 1000mhz, even after changing bios to original i can't reach 1050mhz... did i broke my card by flashing bios?
  4. No I doubt flashing the Bios wrecked the card. If anything I would think (since you made sure it wasn't the PSU) that the card just took some "stressing damage" from your OC and no longer performs as it did. Could also be (unfortunately :( ) a sign that the GPU is on it's way out.

    On the other hand it's a great excuse to upgrade if you can :)

    Also, you may not be getting enough cooling to it which could also be causing this. I noticed that with your 1000MHz OC at 0% load your GPU is at 49C. That's pretty high when you consider it's gonna get MUCH warmer under load.

    What stress-test program are you using and what do you use to monitor temps while stressing?
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