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I've noticed a few people have problems with their audio not connecting but my Realtek is showing up that I have in fact my speakers connected and selected appropriate settings for them BUT I'm not getting any sounds at all, all I can describe it like is a buzzing noise with a noise as if it's making a blowing noise coming and going? My mics not connected and there is no audio at all from game sect. Any ideas?
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  1. this isn't driver related but hardware, all you can do is try uninstall then re-install the realtek audio driver. If not resolved, you may have to replace the motherboard or if you can't look at buying a PCI-e Sound card, that will have even better sound quality depending on the card you get.
  2. Well the motherboard is brand new and having 2 graphics cards on would knock that possibly out the water any way. If it was the motherboard then why does it still show my speakers/headset was connected
  3. i dont mean to hurt your feelings...

    welcom to asus, of the three 990fx sabertooths i delt with i'm glad to say there all in the trash now . they were so bad its hard for me to now look asus way anymore 3 boards with differant set ups and 3 gald there finaly gone..

    but i do hope you get yours worked out good luck..
  4. Thanks any way. It will be sent back and refunded. Appears to be a too common fault that I'm not going to accept
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    hope you have better luck on that than i did [5year warrenty haaa] lots of hype in that paperwork that come with the board the bords i talked about were bought atleast 2 weeks to a month apart we all got fooled ...
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