290x gpu or 780ti? looking to buy.

I am looking at buying a new GPU.
I'm unsure on whether to go with an AMD Radeon R9 290x or an Nvidia GTX 780 ti.
Currently the 780ti appears to perform better in most games at 4k, with a slightly higher frame rate.
Though this card has been out for longer and has had more driver updates etc.
My question is, will the driver updates in the future of the 290x push this card ahead?
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  1. Probably not, although I have seen benchmarks (Watch Dogs) that has the 290x ahead in 4k. They concluded it was because it has 4GB (vs 3 for the 780ti)
  2. So you'd recommend the 780ti over the 290x regardless of the memory difference?
  3. I'd recommend waiting for a 6Gb 780ti. Otherwise a 290x for 4k, and a 780ti for anything under 4k.
  4. I think a 6gb version of the same card would be out of my price range :)
  5. The R9 290X beats the GTX 780 in all and the TITAN in some benchmarks as well as gaming scenarios, but also consumes a lot more power in the process, The 780 Ti though IS the single fastest card available right now, in 4K environments though, no single card is going to give you respectable frame rates, the 780Ti and the 290X will yield 23-24 fps in crysis 3, with the settings cranked up.
    P.S in 4k R9 290 >= GTX 780 Ti (By a very small margin, but with more frame rate variance) Id suggest go SLI or Crossfire for great results.
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    for the price of the R9 290X, why get the GTX 780Ti? Both cards don't perform "much better" then each other, and i had the same choice as you going from my old 7990, I chose the R9 290X for these reasons;

    Extra 1GB GDDR5 Vram

    Wider Memory Bus

    Cost wise, seemed great value (The R9 290 is even better value)

    For larger resolutions (1440p-24-multiple monitors), the R9 290X does tend to handle better . i have 1 1440p 27"monitor as well as a 1080p 27" monitor, so the R9 290X was a no brainer.

    Free inclusion of BF4

    And the rest, what was for me to say, "yeah the GTX 780ti is much better for me" . I say get the R9 290X, better value and for what you pay for, great for the years to come.
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