I just finished building my computer. I plug the HDMI cord into the Graphics Card and then into my TV but there is no signal.

Everything runs in the computer (fans and all the lights). I tried on different TV's and I know the cord is good I have 3 of them and none of them worked on the computer but worked for my other devices. What else could I do?
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  1. There are a few things that could be at fault:

    1. Graphics Card - I would first try and unplug the graphics card, try the mother board's video output ports, and ideally depending on your MOBO it should have an HDMI. If that works then it could be you simply got a dud. I would also check to see if the fan (if there is one) on the graphics card is running.

    2. HDMI Ports (on the TV or Graphics Card) - Now I am assuming you are sure that the TV's HDMI port is working, which again leads to the above suggestion of trying to unplug the card and trying the mother boards outputs. Though, if you don't know the condition of any of the outputs there then try using a VGA cable from the card (or motherboard to the TV)

    3. Compatibility - Now this is where things get weird, if you are sure that the graphics card is compatible with the MOBO/CPU combination, then I would make sure that it was plugged into the correct PCI-E slot (or another appropriate one), this could also cause an issue.

    Normally the MOBO would not need a driver for a compatible card and should just output video through the card. Therefore, I would try the above and if you are still having troubles post your configuration so that we can try and figure this out.
  2. yes lordbalmont is right try all those and let us know how it works out for you
  3. go to your display/gpu properties on your pc and find an option for external display, it may need to be activated or select options to mirror/extend display to the external screen
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