Arctic Freezer A11 is blocking RAM slot 1, which slots for dual channel?

I will be setting up my new gaming rig later, with the components:

I put the Arctic CPU Cooler over the CPU slot to see if it is going to collide with anything, and I can see it is going to block RAM slot 1 (the one closest to the CPU, I think that's slot 1).

Where should I put my 2 RAM sticks for dual channel configuration? The RAM slots are not colour coded. I found this in the manual but I don't understand what it means:

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
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    To operate in dual channel on this mobo you will need to install your ram in every other slot, so if you've got A,B,C,D slots in physical order you will need to install either in A and C or B and D. So since you are saying the first slot is blocked by the cpu cooler you need to install in the 2nd and the 4th. Look at pg 11 of your manual or pg 15 of this pdf: and you can see what the ram slots are labeled, then refer to the page you uploaded or pg 22 of the pdf to see where your ram should be placed.
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