Dell Studio XPS 8000 Graphics Card Upgrade Suggestions/Help

I'm trying to upgrade my old Dell Studio XPS 8000 graphics card so that I can run Watch_Dogs (requires DirectX 11). I'm looking to spend around +/- $100 to get the job done but I don't know if any of the graphics cards with DirectX 11 capability can be supported by this motherboard, PSU, etc. I'm not so sharp on all of the ins and outs of tech specs and hardware so please advice as to the best option or if it's possible at all. Below are the system specs provided by Dell:

Additional info:

Processor: Intel core i7 - (860 or 870 not sure)
GPU: GeForce GTS 240
Windows 7

I appreciate any help! :)

Here's the motherboard specs:

Features / Specifications:

Intel P55
Supported Processor
Socket Type: LGA 1156
Intel Core i7
Supported Memory
Connectors four internally-accessible DDR3 DIMM
Integrated 7.1 channel, High Definition
Expansion Capabilities
PCI one 124-pin connector
PCI Express x1 one 36-pin connectors
PCI Express x16 one 164-pin connector
Peripheral Interfaces
Network adapter RJ45 connector
Four back-panel USB 2.0-compliant connectors
Audio top panel - one headphone and one microphone connector, back panel six connectors for 7.1support
eSATA one back-panel connector
IEEE 1394a one back-panel 6-pin serial connector
Motherboard Compatible Part Number
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    for that price range this would be the bare minimum i would recommend to play the game at probably low-medium settings
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