Can't install Windows 8 on my brand new custom build PC

I just put together a computer that includes

CPU: AMD fx-8350
Asus Motherboard
1tb hdd
2sticks of 4gb of ram Gskill
includes many fans with atx casing

I think I put it together correctly the problem is when I try to load Win8 from usb bootable UEFI bootloader that i made using rufus
I gets to win8 setup page and hangs there

Also, after I succesfully installed win7 before trying win8 when win7 try to boot it would get passed the boot animation (which i think means loads system 32 files) and then just gets BSOD that shows up for a split second and crashes and tries to keep booting from there.

And eventually the bios wouldn't even try booting win7 anymore even though i think the installation still exists.

With this new mother board from asus ill provide detaills in a sec for that this is friends comp but i dont know what settings for bios to have especially with this fx 8350 im not sure what power saving settings to have and also compatible settings in boot section i dont know what to choose.

Any idea why it would behave like this, any advice would be awesome.
Perhaps i build one small wrong thing? idk

also, i may try to boot ubuntu for hell of it to try and get comp to start
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  1. Asus M5a97 R2.0
  2. Power supply?
    video card?
    I would start by running memtest86
    I always have trouble with gskill ram kingston run on all asus boards.
  3. I use Gskill on all my ASUS builds , never had an issue.
  4. 680 watt once my friend responds i can tell you exact model
    and Nvidia GTx 770 or 760 i think 770

    And is it possible to boot memtest86 from usb drive and is that testing the RAM?
    It could maybe be this gskill ram if you get trouble with it on asus mobos

    im thinking i have all the parts why would it behave like this.
    Computer almost seems slow when it installed win7 it expanded files for like 2 and a half hours
  5. How should my BIOS settings be like do i use fastboot do i need to switch compatibillty settings i upload picture of my BIOS
  6. It is the gtx 760
  7. Best answer
    Check your BIOS version is 1006 to be compatible with FX 8350 CPU
    If not you may have to buy a cheap CPU to flash the BIOS...

    You can find Memtest ISO here
    Use Linux pendrive to create bootable USB
  8. Im running memtest 86. If no errors are in the RAM then I wonder why win 7 wouldn't boot
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