PC automatically booting when turned on at plug no display?

My PC is booting as soon as the power is turned on at plug no display but the front fan going mad, my PC overheated yesterday I believe this has caused the issue but im not sure whats broken.. any help would be appreciated
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  1. Well tell me everything about your PC / When did you build it/ buy it/ components/ where did you buy them from/ since when do you have it/ what did you do before your pc overheat/ are you with the stock cooler/ etc.
  2. Dell dimension e520 c2d E6600 2.4ghz put in 1 month or 2 ago 3GB ram, corsair 500m PSU, Radeon vtx3D hd7750, which both are a couple of weeks old had no problems until yesterday while playing battlefield 3 overheated I have a stock cooler but my temps have been fine until yesterday whilst playing other games like dayzmod, Arma 2, and csgo no problems
  3. Well your PSU is CX series isnt it? The CX series are known as budget and unstressful holding PSUs. Maybe your PSU has been overhated. If you want to risk open the PSU and check for something broken/overheated. If dont just give the PSU a try on another system and if it turn on then its probably not the PSU. Also have you tryied using a different videocard? I am pretty sure your processor doesnt have intergrated graphics and if the card has overhated you PC wont run at all. Also can you even get to the BIOS? Is your PC beeping? Can you even turn it on? If its beeping then check out : .
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    i took my psu out then installed it again and it boots fine now.. i thought this could be an option. i think its my mobo is on its last legs? but im sure the 24pin connector had come loose it didnt take anything to pull it out.. i am going to keep an eye on the psu and temps of my pc until i build a new setup..
  5. Well its nice you got your problem solved. Also its probably the 24pin connector. Maybe it just went out althought. Anyways, its nice that you got your problem solved.
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