asus sabertooth 990fx motherboard cpu led error

I had a functioning AMD computer, then the screen went black and it stopped working. I replaced every part and it still doesnt work. The cpu led is lit, but i just replaced the cpu. It was the last part replaced. I tried reseting the CLRTC by using the jumper and still no luck. The computer fans are spinning and so are the hardrives, but the computer is not posting.
-asus sabertooth 990fx mobo
-fx9370 cpu
-r9 290 graphics card
-c7 crucial ballistix ram
-corsair tx850 psu
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  1. Do you have the Revision 2 Sabertooth?

    Original Sabertooth doesn't support 9000 series chips.
  2. yes, i will be getting a new heatsink for the processor soon, so will try it again with that one. One of my cables where slightly loose but that didnt help. I will post if the new heatsink works. The cpu fan plugs into the 4 pin header that says cpu fan, not cpu opt, right?
  3. What are you cooling with.
  4. i checked the cables they are plugged in as well
  5. What cooler.
  6. i will be cooling it with the noctua nh-14. i would like to get close to 5.0ghz in this rig. That message sent very late
  7. 9000 series chips need water cooling no less than h100i.
  8. Ok, i will look into getting that instead. Will it fit in a thor V2?
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  10. Thank you
  11. I wouldn't go beyond a 8350 , too many issues with the boards in the 9000 series , heat and stability problems.
  12. Unfortunately had this ASUS mb too and since it was not revision 2, it does not technically support the latest FX chips. That said I have got an AMD 8350 and an AMD 9590 to work on it. However it just barely supports the voltage and pushing GHZ caused it not to post. I got the dread red cpu led. It is now a large paperweight. You will likely need to go the the AMD support site to get a list of the boards the 9000 series FX chips are supported on. The Sabertooth while claiming to have military spec was very fragile in setup and the leds to alert CPU, VGA, and memory are annoying if not a poor design. Also if you are still in warranty with the board, you could RMA and get a new one.

    Also I agree with SR-71 that with the 9000 series, watercooling adds better heat capacity that air. The noctua might be suitable if you do not overclock. The noctua cooler is well rated. I installed a CoolerMaster Nepton however the fans are loud and must be scaled down with a fan controller. I expect your Noctua to have very little noise which is good considering you might have several video cards inside the case and the case fans themselves adding to the db level.
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