How does Intel Turbo Boost work? How do I make it run to its full potential?

(Sorry about grammar, used to German ^-^)I'm considering getting an i7-4790 over the e3-1230v3 simply because of that 4Ghz turbo, compared to 3.7Ghz. I'm building a Mini_ITX system so overclocking is a bit of a grey area for me but, 4Ghz is the kind of speeds an overclocked i7-4770k can reach! Do I need a Z87 motherboard and/or a decent cooler to utilise this 4Ghz boost, if so I'll just consider the i7-4770k...
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    Hi there,
    Btw the turbo speed of the i7 4770K is 3.9GHz
    Turbo works by increasing the clock speed of the CPU for all the cores, think of it as automatically overclocking itself.
    And for the turbo the standard cooler that came with the CPU would work fine for turbo, but for overclocking you will need something better.
    And yes it will work on a z87 and h87 chipset.
    Hope this helps!
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