upgrading 2009 build PC

Hello folks, i have recently bought a EVGA 780 SC for my 2009 PC.
i work with 3d application for modelling and sculpting and while the graphic card makes everything slik and fast in viewport i fee that the CPU is slowing it all down.

here is my rig:

CPU: Intel Core i7 920 D0 BOX, Quad Core, 2.66 GHz, ...
CU: Noctua CPU-Cooler NH-U12P SE2 - Sockel 1366/1156
MOBO: AsRock X58 Extreme, Intel X58, LGA1366, SLI, CFX
RAM: GeIL EVO ONE 6x2GB Kit, DDR3-1600, CL7-7-7-24@1...
SSD: OCZ SSD Vertex 2 Extended Cap. 120GB, SATA-II, ...
HDD: WD VelociRaptor WD3000HLFS, 10'000rpm, 16MB, 30...
HDD: Samsung HD103SJ, F3, 7200rpm, 32MB, 1TB, SATA-II
DVD: LG GH22NS, 22x DVD±R Brenner, SATA, schwarz
PSU: Corsair CMPSU-850HX, 850W, SLI/CF, ATX2.2/EPS
Case: Cooler Master RC-690-KKN1-GP, inkl. Mesh-Gitter...
GPU: MSI GTX-275 Lightning (GT200b) 1792MB GDDR3, 55...

Now id like to ask if this is a good time to upgrade CPU/MOBO/RAM or is there something that will be a big improvement coming out anytime soon? ideas?

thanks a lot, cheers!
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  1. Budget?

    Try i7 4770k with Asus Z97 A mobo and 16gb 1866 ram and Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler. Nice psu - keep it. Velociraptor -> SSD?

    Case update? OS update? BD drive?
  2. ok i see what you mean...of course your cpu bottleneck like a hell the gpu.
    but if you want to upgrade it it will cost you an eye...
    if you can put a budget, maybe i can help you more?
    but i think is better to discard your mobo and cpu ..and buy a lga 1150 kit
    try to sell the mobo + cpu you have
  3. Hi guys and thanks for all the answers!
    Budget isnt really there yet, i dont have a real urgency to upgrade, so im kind of waiting for the sweet spot/moment on the price/performance curve.
    What i plan to do with the old parts is to assemble a cheap gaming pc for home :)
  4. hello?
  5. if you put the EVGA 780 SC in , of course you will have a lot of improvement
    just keep everything like that and wait until the budget will be enough for a real upgrade
  6. hey there thanks for the answer, i have put the sc in and it improves a lot, but cpu slows me down at work, so whats why i want to upgrade
  7. It's pretty much a waste for you to go s1155. A 'new' 6/12 Xeon 12MB could like be found for $500-$600 ... used CPUs for half that.

    If anything, I'd suggest returning the 780 and snagging a FirePro/Quadro pro card that works best with your current software.
  8. no i think the graphic card is not the issue, what bottlenecks me if the slow with which my cpu calculates the alterations, viewport performance is perfect
  9. Your CPU should not be doing the 'math'

    The advanced logic and 'geometric' functions of the GPU hardware (on a pro card) should be doing that.
  10. I am afraid i can not return the card... ill investigate.. anyway a quadro costs 450 more$ than the 780 (considering a K4000) so im not really sure id do the investment... Also apparently the titan black would be a good choice because of floating points (citing third parties). also i think it really depends on the application, and i think that mudbox always uses the cpu for brush sculpting triangulations. couldn t find proof of that tho
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