Best budget gaming desktop assembling combo (CPU/GPU/motherboard/other necessary components)

My father has a 4 year old HP desktop , and as it sounds , most components would be outdated in the machine, so , I plan to upgrade most of it's components , like screen (touch) ,CPU, GPU, motherboard , RAM ,and all other components which you think would be outdated for gaming. It should be fluent and able to play games like cod:black ops 2(at normal/high settings), battlefield , other intensive games.My budget is $400-500 . Now , for some countries ,$400 is nothing, but, in India, that's a lot of cash. Also, if you think something else should also be updated, please comment it.
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  1. what is the current system specs? and is the HP in a standard tower or a slim case?
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    I know you put this here along time ago and it's probably not valid not but

    You could go with the following
    Case: thermaltake v4 (comes with 500W PSU) Cheap, no thrills, stylish, did I say cheap? ~$90
    Mobo: either Asus Asrock 970/980 $60-87
    Cpu: AMD FX 6300 $157
    Hdd: 1Tb Western digital caviler ~$55
    Gpu: Asus 4Gb GT 630 ~$95
    ODD: HP Super Multi DVD+-R/RW $15
    OS: Win 7 Home premium $90 or $77 if you wait for special
    Ram: 1*4 Kingston (for BF and the like you should probably buy two) ~ $40

    About $470
    Benefits include low power consumption, high and predictable fps, high multi tasking capability yet inexpensive.
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