Is a 1000W power supply enough for the parts list below?

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    use this reference for PSU

    for dual gtx 780 ti, i believe the minimum is 850W GOLD
    so high quality 1000W will be more than enough
  2. Won't the CPU take up some power too?
  3. The rosewill capstone has a great deal right now with mail in rebate. Made by Super Flower, one of the best PSU makers on the market. 7 year warranty.
    Rosewill CAPSTONE-1000-M $129.99
  4. yes, i meant any build with dual gtx 780 ti. not just for the cards

    you can use this list,11,14,51,71,39&sort=d9&e=5,4,3,2

    any psu on the top 11, except corsair RM
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