Replacing motherboard because carmel2 wont let me upgrade gpu

Okay here is my situation, I want to replace my motherboard because HP is a piece of crap when it comes to upgrading their BIOS. I bought a GTX 750 Graphics card and I've looked up many forums saying the motherboard is junk, so I want to upgrade my motherboard. What should I do? should I take the cpu I have now (Intel i5 Sandy bridge 2400) and buy a motherboard for it. Or buy a new cpu? I am thinking (amd x4 760k) or (intel i3 4150 haswell). I am planning on buying a new case as well. If you guys have suggestions I am open to them.
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  1. Going to either 4130 or 750 will require a new mobo also, but the 4130 is stronger of the two
  2. Right I know. Just wondering if I should replace my cpu as well or keep it and just buy a motherboard. I am looking for some suggestions on what I should do.
  3. Going w/ a new mobo by itself is cheaper, will have to go with one that works w/ your CPU. The SB 2400 is a 1155 mobo so would look for a mobo in that category...
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    That'll work, yes ;)
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