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Why would a flagship motherboard such as the ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition have an outdated socket (LGA2011) and an old chipset (X79)??
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    That board was obviously released for the LGA2011 platform. Asus is probably in the process of developing its Rampage V for the new socket.
  2. And when shall that be released?
  3. I'm not sure where you've got the info about that being ASUS's top board?

    They have a huge range of more up to date boards than that?
  4. And what is then, for gaming? ASUS Maximus?
  5. I think this looks like a good high end gaming board option:

    Support for the latest Haswell CPU, 3 PCIE slots, solid state capacitors and heat spreaders over the whole board. It's also on Intel's latest z97 chipset (only just released) and has future support for the new 5th Gen Core series chips when they come out.
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