Can't find driver for GPU in friend's computer

This paragraph is mostly describing the computer and the background. Skip the the second paragraph if you just want to get to the point. My friend won a free (but pretty crappy) computer from his school. It's an HP Compaq Desktop dc5850 and it's stock with Windows Vista, but the school put XP on it. It worked fine for him to play Minecraft on, but suddenly internet stopped working and there were a bunch of lines on the monitor. I fixed the internet by installing a network card, so that works.

He mostly wants this computer just to play Minecraft until he gets his Gaming Computer in September. The video card he had was broken and I had a Radeon HD7750 lying around so I put it in, and Minecraft says the drivers are bad. I searched on AMD's website and tried installing the Catalyst AND the Automatic Driver detector but I just cannot find the drivers for this GPU. If the computer is too old or it won't work on Windows XP, let me know. I'll pretty much take anything at this point.

Here are the computer's specs

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002
32 Bit
Service Pack 
AMD Anthlon Dual Core CPU 4450B 2.29 GHz
4096MB Memory
Radeon HD7750

If you have any questions about the system feel free to ask, and if you have any suggestions or a place to find the driver please tell me.

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    There is also a chance that you do need to uninstalling the drivers then re-install it again as it might had a conflict with the old drivers and new drivers of the card. I experienced this when I upgraded my HD7750 to R9 270X. I had to uninstall all my GPU drivers and reinstalled it again. It worked.
  2. I uninstalled all AMD and ATI related things from my computer, then installed the catalyst again and it worked just fine! My friend now has a computer to play Minecraft on until he gets his new computer.

    Here is the Windows XP 32bit Catalyst download
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