Average CPU Temp?

I have an AMD FX-6300 and its sits around 45 idle. Is that bad?
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  1. Idle temps don't mean squat. Load temps are the only consistent numbers. Idle temps are so heavily impacted by ambient temperature, power saving options, and quite fan profiles that they vary greatly across systems. What are your temps under full load?
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    Agreed with hunter. 45 is safe, but of course it will heat up under load, and that's what matters. Figure out those temperatures and you can know if you're safe or not. Run Prime95 and HWMonitor. Prime95 is a stress test that will put you under maximum load, and after about 30 minutes you'll see the highest temperatures you'll reach, so you can watch those with HWMonitor. It's much better than playing a game for 4 hours and watching your temps, or playing and your computer suddenly shutting off.
  3. 45 degrees on the stock cooler is normal just stay under 62 degrees.
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