G.Skill TridentX with ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer

Will that set work? I want 2x4GB TridentX 2400MHz CL10. Are there any possibilities to overclock them if they match to the mobo? CPU is AMD FX-8320
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    Yes it'll work, but you're wasting your money as faster RAM has no discernable effect on gaming FPS--the only time you'd see ANY benefit from faster RAM is if you have an APU system or you use a lot of workstation programs like AutoCAD and the like. That's it, otherwise you're wasting your money.

    Battlefield 4 sees no frames per second improvement moving from 1600MHz RAM to 2800MHz RAM.
  2. So what`s your proposition for RAM?
  3. Your CPU basically maxes at 1866 anyway, so with prices basically the same between 1600 and 1866 would suggest a 1866/9 set, might see a couple extra FPS in gaming but may show more when multi-tasking, video, imaging, etc...Might look at the GSkill Snipers or Ripjaws X, those are the best I've had good luck with on AMD rigs
  4. 8 to 16gb of CAS9 1600MHz RAM will get you the same performance as CAS10 2300MHz RAM in every game. G.Skill Ares makes a nice low-latency package, as does Corsair and several others.

    I personally use 16gb (overkill) of G.Skill Ares CAS10 1866MHz RAM just because it was on sale and the same price as 1600MHz RAM.
  5. In my country there is no special difference between prices of RipjawsX and TridentX. .RipjawsX DDR3 2x4GB 2133MHz CL9 cost 5 euro less than TridentX DDR3 2x4GB 2400MHz CL10
  6. How much for a set of 1600 or 1866MHz RAM? If it's significantly cheaper than 2133 or 2400MHz RAM than I'd definitely get the 1600 or 1866, but if it's only slightly cheaper then why not splurge and get the 2133 or 2400!
  7. In PLN (1Euro - 4PLN) RipjawsX 2x4GB
    1600MHz CL7 - 315 PLN
    1866MHz CL8 - 329 PLN
    2133MHz CL9 XMP - 335 PLN
  8. Not sure why you would want to waste any money on 2133 or 2400 if there's such a slim chance the CPU can even run it, unless of course you don't mind running high end sticks at 1600 or 1866....Have seen some 8320's that couldn't even run the 'advertised' 1866 at 1 DIMM per channel
  9. So what are your high end sticks at 1600 hmmm?
  10. For 8GB, the RJ X F3-12800CL7D-8GBXM, which is a CL7 set, else they have a like set in CL8 F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM, there's also the Ares in CL8 F3-1600C8D-8GAB
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