Would a GP 4x 8x AMD ATI Radeon 9550 256 Mb Ddr2 AGP 3d DVI S-video VGA Video Card work well in a mother board intel D845bg?

The mobo runs a pentium 4 of 2.0MH, 2 gigas RAM DDR with windows XP professional. Just to be used for internet and basic office work.
It used to have an ATI Radeon 7500 - AGP 4x - 64 MB DDR - DVI, but it broke and I was wandering if I can replace it with something a tad better.
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    You shouldn't have a problem using anything AGP. The 9550 would be fine and probably not draw much more power than your 7500 so you shouldn't have to worry about upgrading the power supply. If you do end up getting a card that draws a lot more power, list your full specs with power supply, so we can advise you on whether a power supply upgrade is required.
  2. Tnx a lot for answering and in such short notice! Appreciated!
  3. No problem at all.
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