Help me please I'm having mouse trouble

So I just built a pretty nice computer and in having a little trouble with the mouse. I have a razer death adder and a razer medium mouse pad. My problem is when ever I'm in any game my mouse movement is really choppy. It's hard to explain but as I move it (especially moving it slow) it will move along almost as if it were getting stick to the mouse pad. It's almost lagging but I don't have lag. For example, In borderlands 2 as I aim slowly my sights will very slightly jump toward where I'm aiming instead of one smooth movement. Idk if this is hardware or mouse software but it's very hard to be accurate with this problem. I'm also on windows 7. I hope you can help
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    Have you tried changing mouse sensitivity in game? You can try different settings under pointer options tab in mouse settings under control panel. Or else you can re install the mouse device drivers.
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