Computer stutter when listening to music, watching video or gaming

I've build a pc back in 2011 and haven't got much problems with it.
But recently when i listen to spotify(streaming music), watching a clip on youtube or gaming for example Starcraft, the computer stutter for a microsecond every 10th second.
I have tried to vacum the computer a little, look for latest drivers for my graphics card and sound, defragment the SSD but nothing made it better.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. What are your current components?
  2. win 7 64 bit
    GPU : AMD radeon HD 6800 series
    CPU : Intel core i7 2600k
    sound : Realtek HD audio
  3. Is everything just on the SSD? If so which one is it, is it connected to a SATAIII port? How full is the SSD?
  4. I have cleared the ssd pretty much, it is like 50% full. i have a normal hard drive where i have the big disc space for games and so.
    the SSD is a Corsair Force 3 with Sata 3.
  5. bump
  6. every youtube video does this ? if so open task manager and increase the update speed to high , play the video watch the cpu graph on task manager does it peak too 100% when it stutters?
  7. Eventually yes, i looked at the task manager with like 5 youtube clip and a music program going but it doesnt go over 10% CPU usage.

    I think it may something to do with the sound, i've tried to update the driver software and even reinstall it but it didnt work...
  8. Still havent figured out how to fix my problem. I would really appreciate some tips or help, thank you!
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